Are you looking for a reliable partner for the express production of electronic devices?

At Safiral, we know how to do it.

  • The fifteen years of EMS experience
  • To keep up with machine and system equipment
  • To help our customers with the entire process
  • Express always has a priority
  • We are flexible in communication and production
  • We will make a prototype for you from just one piece.

Are you interested in manufacturing or developing electronic devices?

As part of EMS services, we realize prototype production, pre-series and series production in such a way that it meets your specifications on time.

Express production of electronic devices

At Safiral, we understand the needs of our clients, to whom we offer flexible EMS services. EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) is a synonym for comprehensive services for producing custom electronics.

Production in the sign of cosmic speed

Based on data supplied by the customer, a project begins with the production of PCBs. Then, the component purchasing process starts parallel to ensure all needed components arrive on time. When components and PCBs are available assembly process begins. Finally, all essential soldering work is always supervised by our skilled technicians. The production process continues with final inspection and functional testing, followed by careful packaging and expedition.

Development - "Out of the Box" solutions

Our engineers also provide comprehensive development solutions for your equipment. Based on your requirements, documentation and consultation with our skilled developer partners, we perform a selection of components, schematic design and PCB layout.

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