Additional services include:

  • bonding of critical components with glue or silicone
  • potting DPS with a two-component polyurethane mass
  • hand painting
  • pressing of PressFit components
  • cabling
  • mounting in a box
  • reviving/programming DPS
  • product measure with a label (QR code, barcode)
  • X-ray inspection focusing on BGA chips
  • complex completion work
If the customer desires optimization of internal processes and human capital, it is possible to outsource said services.


Additional items are specific, and each operation requires a particular time - they are offered according to the hourly rate.
To determine the final price, we must test the selected operations on actual samples. If such an option is unavailable, e.g. because the physical models do not yet exist, we will issue a qualified estimate and establish an INDICATIVE offer, which will be
adjusted based on accurate times.

Short description of individual services:

  1. Bonding - Some components are more prone to breaking off during handling or are too large and risk falling off, e.g. during soldering processes. In this case, fixing them using glue or silicone is desirable.
  2. Potting DPS is mainly applied in areas where the installed DPS has been in adverse climatic conditions for a long time. A minor feature of the cast product is that it is difficult to copy. The black RAKU-PUR 21-2360-1 potting compound we use is also heat conductive.
  3. Varnishing - Milder protection of the mounted PCB in the form of varnish application protects the board from the effects of the external environment and individual components from damage. We offer painting with a brush or by spraying. A custom frame can be created to protect components unsuitable for painting, such as connectors.
  4. Pressfit - Used for specialized components that do not require soldering. Precisely defined holes are essential even before the production of bare PCBs. We often need a specialized, custom-made frame to press such connectors.
  5. Cabling - In most cases, we try to outsource the production of cables; however, we can produce simple cable harnesses directly in-house.
  6. Installation in a box - This is a relatively broad term. Under it, one can imagine a simple assembly of a mounted PCB using mounting screws to a complex solution, including the group of several types of PCB, a connection of connectors, soldering of TH components and cabling to positions of defined dimensions of the final box/moulding.
  7. Reviving / programming DPS - It always depends on the customer's requirements. If a particular programming device is needed for this task, the client usually provides it directly. It can be a simple device or a needle array.
  8. Label - We offer classic paper, plastic or heat-resistant tags. We can print alphanumeric characters, barcodes or QR codes on them. These labels primarily identify a specific product based on a unique code.
  9. X-ray inspection - We use the SCIENSCOPE X-Scope 3000 device for X-ray inspection, primarily intended for analyzing the soldering of BGA chips.
  10.   Complex completion work - This may include any combination of the above points. Orders of this type are handled individually and after an overall customer request analysis.

Your choice of additional PCBA services can be specified in a note on the Inquiry Form.

We are masters at packaging

  • we always pack finished products in special antistatic ESD foil
  • based on the customer's request and delivery, we also pack in ESD shielding packaging
  • each box is appropriately sealed and lined about the method of shipment
  • for one-off orders, we return unused material in the form of unmounted PCBs or electronic components
  • upon agreement, we can offer output registration of the number of pieces of the remaining material via an X-ray reader
  • the package includes a quality certificate and a delivery note
  • packages over 15 kg are marked with a remarkable label
  • we secure the package with company adhesive tape with the SAFIRAL company logo
  • upon request and delivery from the customer, we offer branding of the box with our tape

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