Even one manufactured product can change the world

The prototype is the leading segment of our production. Based on long-term experience, we have optimized and simplified its implementation process and offer customers technical support and feedback from internal experts. Assembling prototypes in PCBA is usually the first iteration of a new product design. It serves as a way to test the functionality and performance of the board before moving to mass production.

The electronics prototyping process must stand on solid pillars:

  • business relationship complemented by active communication and customer cooperation
  • speed and flexibility
  • design iteration - design changes related to the location and availability of components, size and shape of the PCB
  • output quality control by standard
  • possible testing or revival of the board
  • innovation in materials, functionality and design
  • subsequent pre-series and series production
It's worth noting that cost is often considered when building a PCB prototype. While the sample aims to test and improve the product design, it is also essential to keep costs under control. Contact us to learn about low-volume manufacturing options that can help you keep costs low while still producing functional equipment.

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