SAFIRAL Company was founded in 2007 to provide complex Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), originally connected to the printed circuit boards factory.

Since its foundation SAFIRAL has been growing dynamically – from just one assembly machine at the beginning to 5 SMT machines. To ensure stability and constant level of quality we passed Quality Management System  ISO 9001:2015 cetification in 2011 and Enviromental Management System ISO 14001:2015 certification in 2014.



  • 2007 – the founding of the company
  • 2010 – transition to the MYDATA fitting machine brand
  • 2011 – ISO 9001 certification
  • 2012 – purchase of a new MYDATA MY100 fitting machine
  • 2013 – bought own grounds in Kunštát with an area of 1230 m2 of floor space
  • 2014 – ISO 14001 certification
  • 2015 – purchase of new technology with OPPI support – MYDATA MY200, Jet Printer MY600, SEHO GoReflow_2.3, acquisition of AOI and X-ray Goepel OptiCon X-line, FAI Quins LC-20 tester and APR-5000-DZ rework station
  • 2016 – added MYDATA MY15, AOI optical tester and Interselect IS-B-335S Selective Soldering
  • 2017 – reconstruction of the area continues, purchase of drying cabinet MP DRY CABINET, screen printing Motoprint AVSNordson Pro-Meter V2K
  • 2018 – major addition to technology - Mycronic Jet Printer MY500 assembly line, MY100-14 assembly machine, SMT oven Quattro Peak® M (N2), 2x storage system Mycronic SMD Tower™ 200, optical tester 3D AOI SAKI 3Di-LS2-A, solder wave TAMURA HC 33-32LF2 and fluxes TAMURA TAF 40-15PF
  • 2019 – introduction of the new Helios Green information system with an extended module for capacity planning
  • 2021 - purchase of ICT equipment from FPC, XRay counter Sciencecope AXC-800III, Xray system Sciencecope X-Scope 3000 and transition to ERP system Helios Nephrite
  • 2022 - purchase 2 *  MP Dry cabinets, 2 * Solder Wave Seho System 8140 PCS, completion of the reconstruction of the buildings with a floor area of 1400 m2
  • 2023 - new web presence of the company and brand video presenting our production


To systematically establish cooperation to achieve the highest possible efficiency and speed.


Extend speed and flexibility from prototype to series by 2027.


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