• If we receive a straight order (whether for new or repeated production) without a previous offer, we will first prepare an offer again with the price and expected date (according to current production capacities) and then find out the current availability of components. Only after the approval of this offer do we start the purchase of components and the production of PCBs.
  • In industrial electronics, developments in the components market are particularly unpredictable. We use all modern possibilities (e.g. CalcuQuote) for urgent information about the prices and availability of components or their adequate replacements. We will introduce you to a detailed price offer as soon as possible.

Each project requires the approval of our offer and the customer's sending of a binding order.

During the implementation of the project, we will include the highest speed for those of you who expect it from us.


Everything can be processed without delay as soon as:

  • the customer remains active in communication with us
  • supplies complete and error-free production documentation
  • he is not shy to ask about things he does not understand
  • any changes in the production process will be reported in writing

When does the production process start, and how long does it take?

If you are a new customer, we will require payment in advance in the form of an advance invoice for the first order, and only after payment of it will we start the production and purchase processes. The due date of invoices for new customers is set to the standard 14 days, including the INCOTERMS EXW condition.

Long-term customers have the following benefits:

  • we have a unique production capacity reserved for express projects
  • individual conditions can be communicated

When sending an order based on our offer, do not resend the technical data that was part of the request (in case there has been no change).

The material purchase and PCB production deadline begin the day after the order is sent.

The deadline for equipping the PCB with components starts the day after the day when the material (components and PCB) has been completely stocked.

Do you send us components directly from your warehouse?

We reserve 1-3 working days (depending on the complexity and size of the project) to check, recalculate and stock the parts.
The packaging and labelling of the components, including the delivery note, must meet the requirements of the Customer Material document. Otherwise, there is a risk of penalties (additional costs) for the problems caused and the time delay during storage.

Do you require an NDA?

We have the NDA, or non-disclosure agreement, reviewed by our legal representation. And then, we will sign it with you or deal with possible modifications.

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