How to secure components

  1. As part of EMS services, we purchase all electronic components according to the BOM file (Bill of Material). We cooperate with more than 60 suppliers worldwide. For us, quality and speed of delivery are priorities in the area of purchasing. We have verified all suppliers, and we avoid entirely non-branded manufacturers.
  2. The second option is for the customer to supply all the components himself either because of its warehouse or because it buys from its preferred supplier.
  3. Of course, a combination option is also possible, where the customer supplies some items, and we believe some.

Delivery of components from the customer

Cut strips, discs, bulk parts (for an additional fee).

Spillage (amount of features required for introduction into the machine): approx. 10% of the needed for samples and small series, approx. 5% for more extensive series; from size, SO8, 2512, TanC and the like can be delivered per piece. On request, it is also possible to supply particular components (expensive) per piece - however, it is necessary to warn about this in advance.

Terms of supply of components from the customer, sample DL, and price list for multiple jobs in the Customer material (PDF download)

What we can provide

Fast delivery from 1 working day to deliveries for framework orders - securing project prices with our suppliers

3 variants of material sourcing:

  • Complete purchase from us - the customer always receives complete boards - any additional purchases of missing items are at our expense
  • Use of our stock (liabilities) - the customer supplies other items - a possible risk with the delivery of small spills - missing parts will not be installed
  • The customer supplies all the components - it is necessary to consider the essential spillage, see above - the missing components will not be installed

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