You are the OEM buyer or project manager responsible for overseeing the development and production of our product. You will communicate with us throughout the project and provide the necessary information and documents for the production process.
You have an excellent idea for an exciting product and want to realize your vision.

8 Primary Documents for Successfully Awarding the PCBA Order

We assume that the basic design and development of PCBs have already taken place on your part, and you are requesting the production and assembly of the PCB. Otherwise, first, familiarize yourself with the ten essential tips for successfully developing your product.

The SAFIRAL sales representative will require technical documents and the completed request form - 8 primary documents for successfully awarding a PCBA order.

  1. Bill of Materials (BOM): A list of all the components needed to build a product, including part numbers and quantities.
  2. Gerber/ODB++ Files: These design files contain printed circuit board (DPS/PCB) layout information, including component placement, trace routing, and drilled holes.
  3. PCB specification: For PCB production, additional information is required beyond Gerber, and ODB++ files defining the output in more detail.
  4. Layout Drawing: A drawing that shows how the components of a circuit are connected.
  5. Pick'n'Place and Solder Paste Data: Computer-aided design files provide a detailed model to fit the product.
  6. Test and Verification Documents: describe how the prototype or series product will be tested and verified to meet the required specifications and standards.
  7. Quality Control Documents: These documents provide information about the quality control measures taken during manufacturing to ensure that the product meets the required standards.
  8. Shipping and Logistics Documents: These documents provide information on how the product will be packaged, shipped and delivered to the customer.

The person contacting EMS company should be prepared to provide a detailed description of the product, its design and functionality, and any special requirements or specifications that need to be met. The more information and documentation you can provide, the easier for our company to manufacture the product to the required standards and specifications.

PCB design and development

We maintain a comprehensive and updated portfolio of partners from the field of electronics developers of various specializations. They provide us with the necessary outputs to start the actual production of the prototype or series.

10 Essential Tips and Recommendations for Realizing Your Idea

There are ten essential tips and recommendations for realizing your idea for a product that contains an electronic functional element:

  1. Identify the Problem or Need: The first step is to identify the problem or need that your electronic product will solve for the end consumer. It can be an individual's personal problem or a problem common to a larger group of people.
  2. Research: Once you have identified the problem, research should be done to see if a similar product already exists in the market. It will help you find your competition and find ways to differentiate your product from the competition.
  3. Define the Product: The product should be defined based on the research. It includes a description of features, functionality and design.
  4. Product Development: You can visit us at SAFIRAL for your product's technical and software equipment. We maintain a comprehensive and updated portfolio of collaborators from the field of electronics developers of various specializations, who will then provide us with the necessary outputs to start the actual production of the prototype or series. For more information, visit the page: PCB Designs.
  5. Creating a Prototype: In any case, we recommend creating a prototype. It can be done using basic materials or using product design software. A prototype can be used to test functionality and identify any gaps or areas for improvement.
  6. Prototype Testing: The prototype should be tested to meet all requirements. It includes testing the functionality, design and usability of the product.
  7. Product Refinement: Based on the testing results, the product should be modified and improved to address any deficiencies.
  8. Obtaining Funding: If the product is viable, funding must be obtained to bring the product to market. It can be achieved through crowdfunding, angel investors or venture capital firms.
  9. Manufacturing and Distribution: The product can be manufactured once the funds are received. The SAFIRAL company offers so-called pre-series and series production realized by modern technologies and experienced experts who are in contact with you during the project.
  10.   Marketing and Sales: Remember to launch your product on the market with the support of a marketing strategy and promotion by setting suitable sales channels.

You can successfully realize your product idea by following these recommendations. It takes a lot of hard work, research and determination, but the result can be a product that solves a real problem and changes people's lives.

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