The company is rightly proud of its historical legacy and the current appearance of the place. It is no wonder that we celebrated a double anniversary. The other one refers to the first ceramic workshop established on the seat of SAFIRAL. Mr Brablec opened a workshop 140 years ago, in 1882. We can say that he was also involved in production. He focused on a manufactory of tiles for tiled stoves.

Our customers had the opportunity to visit the newly acquired place. They had a chance to see the remains of the famous ceramics factory with the Kassel kiln, potter's lathe and various ceramic forms. Today, you would not guess the original purpose of the buildings. The complex became a background for electrotechnical production.

Company Headquarters Today

Renovation, modification of buildings for production and modernization of technological equipment took the last five years. Support from the employees was an integral part of the changes. The reconstruction was divided into several stages. In the end, we have 1400 m2 of floor space.
The interesting thing is a discovery of a time box with a letter and several photos from 1915. Petr Brablec wrote it together with his family. He was a soldier at the time and came home to visit after being injured by shrapnel.“ The owner of the company, Martin Lepka, revealed.

Producing at Full Speed

We focused on speed at the same time. „The optimization of technologies hand in hand with the tuning of process systems bears fruit. Fifteen years of experience with prototype production and a good team of employees form solid foundations. However, we cannot say that everything works without problems. Recently, the difficulties in the component market related to the epidemic have affected the length of our deadlines. We are preparing for the manifestations of the energy crisis. New customers are beginning to turn to us, whom the competition could not help with the deadlines of their projects. However, speed is not for everyone. Long-term customers who have helped SAFIRAL in its growth and participated in innovations and express orders we prefer. We always have express production lines ready.“ says Pavel Nejedlý, sales manager.

SAFIRAL has had an intense 15 years: from the birth of the idea and the first orders through gradual growth to the purchase and renovation of our buildings. In the market of EMS, it gained acclaim abroad. If you are interested in getting to know our work, there is nothing easier than contacting the sales department.

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