It is how most orders work. We completely request and purchase every necessary material. For various reasons, the customer can also supply the parts himself. However, there are risks to meeting the project implementation deadlines. Especially for express orders.

According to our internal statistical data, eight out of ten orders fail to deliver components according to the specified requirements. This leads to complications in the introduction of components into production and the project is completely postponed.

What is the best way to proceed with your material delivery?

  1. Inform us about shipping by email to: The tracking number of the shipment, i.e. the so-called the Tracking Code, should not be missing in the email.
  2. Deliver components packed in original ESD packaging
  3. Pay attention to the RESERVE in the number of pieces of machine equipment
  4. The package must contain the Delivery Note (DN)

Would you like more detailed information? Download the document with the Delivery Note Template (PDF) and the Table for spare parts.

Is it possible to speed up the inspection of components before production?


Yes. We use the Scienscope AXC 800III x-ray component counting system, which is connected to the information system. Within 40 seconds, the system can control 4 pieces of 7" reels with components placed on the tape. In addition to the reel, we can also check BGA components, ESD packaging, JEDEC pallets with components and cut stripes. The condition for speed is again the same MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) on the label of the delivered part, in the delivery note and the BOM documentation.

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